Wes Barr was an amazing husband, brother, friend, community servant and law enforcement officer. He loved his country and his community.  Wes grew up in public housing, became a Marine, and worked his way up the ranks of law enforcement, eventually being elected by the community to the position of Sheriff. 

Wes never forgot that as a child, many of the meals his family received came from social service agencies.  Many of his Christmas presents also came from charitable organizations.  As an adult, Wes made a commitment to help the less fortunate in our community by supporting those agencies that were there for his family when they most needed support. It’s a commitment he lived every day of his life.

Wes loved people. He was kind to everyone and had the unique ability to always see the best in everyone he met, treating them with dignity and respect. When Wes passed away suddenly from a heart attack on October 1, 2019, the community lost a great friend. His life touched many people in this community and his death affected so many who loved him dearly.  

The Heart of Wes Barr Foundation was created to continue Wes’ legacy of giving and to keep his memory alive.  Our board of directors are all people who care about this community and loved Wes.  The Heart of Wes Barr Foundation shall work to serve local not-for-profit organizations including social service organizations; veterans’ organizations; animal protection agencies; and law enforcement agencies. Funding will not be given for use of daily operations. Agencies will request items for special projects and our board of directors will make decisions about what will be funded. Any agency requesting funding must be a 501(c)(3) organization or a Law Enforcement Agency in order to be considered. Items will be purchased by the Heart of Wes Barr Foundation and presented to the chosen agency. Only agencies within Sangamon County will be chosen. No cash donations will be given. No assistance will be available to individuals or families. 

Supporting the Local Economy

As much as possible, we will purchase the items that we donate from local suppliers. It’s our way of contributing to a strong and vibrant local economy, while supporting our hard-working business owners.

Board of Directors

Sherry Barr, President of the Board

Steve Schoeffel

Flynn Hanners

Rodney Vose

Larry Beck

Joe Roesch

Brian Brewer

Richelle Loftus

Brad Mills

Raylene Grischow

Travis Little

James Schackmann

Tom Hendrickson

Brad Carlson

Pam Olive Blankenship

Karen Tharp

We Are There From The Moment You Need Us, 
Our Care Never Ends And No One Is Forgotten